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Cookie Decorating Videos

Cookie Decorating Videos Lights... Camera... Action!

Sometimes no amount of written information can substitute for watching the process, so we have created these free instructional videos just for you! We will continue to roll out new videos, so if there's something specific you'd like to see, let us know!
Mike takes the stage to show you how simple these cookie stencils are to use! There are endless possibilites in what you can create with these. People will be very impressed with your cookie creations. Check out the video, then try it yourself!

The title is a mouthful, and so are these edible invitations! You already know how to throw a party. Now amaze your friends with the cutest and most unique party invites they've ever seen (or tasted).

This is a great recipe for all-around sugar cookies ideal for cookie decorating. Making a great dough is much more than dumping all the ingredients in and giving it a mix. In this video I'll show you some great tips to getting the ideal consistency for cutting out perfect rolled cookies.

This is my very favorite recipe for general cookie decorating. I've been using it for over a decade and have decorating literally thousands of cookies with it: Meringue Powder Buttercream. Watch the video then give it a shot yourself, and see what you think. This recipe also turns into glaze very nicely with a few drops of water.

You LOVE cookie decorating. You HATE the clean-up! Here are some simple tips to keep the mess down to a minimum. I have set up cookie decorating parties for tons of kids using these methods. They have a blast and clean-up is a piece of cake! (or... um, a bite of a cookie :) )

A quick introduction to our One Cookie Five Ways Cookie Decorating Series. Less than two minutes, and you'll get an idea of what we cover in the other 6 videos in this series (5 Parts + 1 Bonus.) We took a really basic design and applied different techniques to it to show you just a handful of all of the different cookie decorating methods you can use.

Part 1 of our One Cookie Five Ways Cookie Decorating Series. This video covers basic meringue powder buttercream piped icing, for both outlining and filling in.

Part 2 of our One Cookie Five Ways Cookie Decorating Series. This video is similar to part one, in that we're just using meringue powder buttercream. However, we start by creating a smooth glazed surface to work on. This is nice in that we get a variety of textures for our cookie.

Part 3 of our One Cookie Five Ways Cookie Decorating Series. This video covers decorating with corn syrup icing and squeeze bottles. This is a neat way to fill in areas after creating your outlines, and still get nice smooth surfaces. This can take quite a while to dry, but if you plan ahead there are some neat things you can pull off with this technique.

Part 4 of our One Cookie Five Ways Cookie Decorating Series. Working with corn syrup icing again, just as we did in Part 3. However, we're doing some simple "feathering" in this one, which is super simple and creates very neat effects. This can also be done with a buttercream glaze.

Part 5 of our One Cookie Five Ways Cookie Decorating Series. Really easy way to add a LOT of pizazz to your cookies! Adding some sanding sugar to your cookies (especially if you learn this simple way to isolate it to specific areas of your cookie) really takes your creations to the next level. Your friends will say "It's too beautiful to eat!" (but you know darn well they're gonna eat it!)

Bonus video for our One Cookie Five Ways series. You just can't imagine all of the cute edible accents available, and the endless possibilities for creating wonderful cookie designs. Just a quick video to cover the very basics.

How in the world do they get those cookies on sticks? Well, here you go... really not that difficult! You might also be interested in our Cookie Pop Arrangement video, and our Sneaky Cookie Pops video (cookies on a stick made even simpler than this method!)

Ok, you've seen cookies on sticks, you may even know how to bake the sticks in cookies. What do you do when you decide to make an arrangement AFTER you've baked and decorated your cookies? This is an awesome little trick to get your cookies on sticks after the fact. As mentioned in the video, I wouldn't do this every time, but for some applications, it's a VERY handy little secret.

Cookie Pop Arrangements make for an eye-popping gift or centerpiece, and really aren't as difficult as you might believe. Here's a quick example using flower cookies in a clay pot. Watch our videos on Baking Cookie Pops, and Sneaky Cookie Pops to learn how to get them on sticks, if you don't know already.

Brush Embroidery is actually simple. It looks elegant, it's extremely forgiving, and it looks like you did a lot more work than you actually did. This is a demo video of the Brush Embroidery tutorial submitted by Alison.

If you love the look of fondant on cookies, but don't like the taste and texture, you HAVE to try candy clay! It's unbelievably simple to make, and works very similar to fondant. This video shows you how. Get this down, then go crazy with colors and flavors! Have Fun!

You learned how to make candy clay in a previous video, now let's learn how to color it. Rolled fondant is also colored just like this. As you can see, it's pretty simple! Have fun!

These cookie texture mats are relatively new on the market, and lots of fun to use! You'll create some pretty amazing cookie creations with ease and amaze your friends and family while you're at it. Here are the basics of using the mats with rolled fondant or candy clay. You can also do it with buttercream icing. Check out our other video for instructions on that. Have fun!

If you've seen our video covering the basics of using texture mats with fondant and candy clay, then this will be simple. It's just a simple way to get different colors on a single cookie. Some designs lend themselves very well to this technique, such as the whimsy cake we're using in this video. Have fun!

These cookie texture mats aren't just for rolled fondant and candy clay! Yes, it's easier to get a defined design with those techniques, but you can actually get some great results from meringue powder buttercream as well! With some practice you can do this with ease! Have fun!

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