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Cookie Cutter Care

So you've discovered the wonderful world of cut-out sugar cookies and cookie decorating. You've collected some super cute cookie cutters, and your collection is only growing. Naturally you're going to want to take proper care of these cutters. Many of our customers have asked us how to care for their cookie cutters. As a result, we have decided to post some information that we hope will be helpful. Cookie cutters can be a great investment that will serve as great tools for you to make hundreds or even thousands of wonderful decorated cookies.

Generally speaking, all cookie cutters should be hand washed. Here are a few tips and more specific information about each of the most common types of cookie cutters:

Tin Cookie Cutter

Tin Cookie Cutters

Tin Cookie Cutters are probably the most popular cookie cutters out there. Tin is a relatively cheap material, and thus the cookie cutters are typically very accessible as far as cost goes. Tin is typically very pliable (bends easily.) Some may look at this as a downside to tin, but there are also some advantages. For example, if you want to adjust the shape of your cutter, this is easily done. Imagine needing a surf board shaped cookie cutter in a hurry. Of course you don't have one, but you do have a football cookie cutter. You can simply flatten the shape out until you've got your board. Hang Ten!

Also if a cookie cutter is bent in an undesirable way, it's usually simple to fix it. When adjusting or fixing the shape of a tin cookie cutter, use extra caution around the soldered joints so you don't break them.

Tin cookie cutters should be gently washed by hand (avoiding the use of anything abrasive), and dried promptly to prevent rust. If you live in a humid area, it is even suggested that they be dried using a hairdryer, or they can be placed on a cookie sheet and dried in a warm oven (oven should be heated to a low temperature and then turned off before putting cookie cutters in.) Basically you're just wanting to get them dried quickly, and thoroughly.

Avoid having the cookie cutters come into contact with anything acidic, as the tinplate can wear off. As mentioned before, tin cookie cutters can be easily bent, so store them carefully. You can hang them on peg board, or store them loosely in bins or drawers. If you put them in any container like this, be careful when sorting through them or putting them away not to force them, as this can result in bending. Also, as the cookie cutters hit against each other they can ding the tinplate and thus cause rusting.

Copper Cookie Cutter

Copper Cookie Cutters

Copper Cookie Cutters are more expensive than any other type, just because copper is an expensive material, but people love them for several reasons. First they are often viewed as not merely tools, but collectibles and decorations. Even if someone doesn't bake and decorate cookies, if they collect cow trinkets, they're going to love displaying a classy cow copper cookie cutter. Also, when they are used as tools, they are much more sturdy than tin, and will keep their shape much better. Finally, although copper does tarnish, it will not rust as easily as tin might.

Copper cookie cutters should also be hand washed and dried quickly and thoroughly. It is common for copper to tarnish and lose its luster after a time. Some people actually prefer that look. If you want that shine back, you can restore that new brilliant look with things you probably already have around the house. Immerse the cookie cutters briefly in a very diluted acid such as lemon juice or vinegar with baking soda, and rub off the tarnish with a rag. Rinse with warm water, wipe dry and your copper cookie cutters should be back to their original luster. If necessary, you can even polish with a very fine (#00 or #000) steel wool, but please be very mindful of anything you use to polish or clean with, as copper can scratch easily.

There are also a number of commercial products that clean and polish copper very effectively.

Copper cookie cutters should be stored like tin cutters, either hung or stored loosely in a drawer or bin.

Plastic Cookie Cutter

Plastic Cookie Cutters

Plastic cookie cutters are easy to find, and typically the cheapest to buy. They'll keep their shape well, and make for a great all-around tool. You won't be able to adjust the shape at all, and you probably won't be buying these as a keepsake or decoration. But for getting some cookies cut out and not worrying much about the cleaning, caring, and storing, they're great.

As with the other cutters, plastic cookie cutters can be washed by hand, but naturally it's not going to hurt to throw some in the dish washer. It is not as important to dry them immediately because, of course, they will not tarnish or rust. Keeping them away from a high heat source is critical so that they will not melt or warp. Keep this in mind when using a dish washer as small cutters can fall through the rack and end up on the heating element of your washer.

Plastic cookie cutters can be stored just about any way you wish. Yes, they can warp and be damaged, but usually it's pretty easy to keep them in good shape.

We hope this information has been helpful and that you will enjoy your cookie cutters for many years to come.