Cookie Decorating Simplified

Decorating Techniques: Brush Embroidery

This amazing tutorial was written and photographed by the very talented Alison (username: Alibeebu) via the Cookiers R Us forum. This is posted with her permission.
Thanks Alison!


Brush Embroidery is actually simple. I love it because it looks elegant, it's extremely forgiving, and it looks like you did a lot more work than you actually did.

You will need tools of course. A paintbrush (I use a Filbert #8), A cookie with a base cover (not necessary but I think it helps the brush stroke smoother), Icing.

I like to use a fairly thick consistency. I use a thick icing as opposed to a thin icing because I like the "paint" effect a thicker icing gives. It has texture. Like oil painting...

I like to use a #2 tip for this icing. I just pipe an uneven line to "outline" the tips of my petals.

Then I use my paintbrush to sweep the icing towards the center...

Till I have completed the ouline

Continue these steps till you reach the inner part of the flower. I like to do 2 -3 petal layers. I keep a moist paper towel around to clean my paintbrush off between layers and colors. It helps keep a smooth pretty brush stroke. Otherwise icing starts to dry on your brush and you end up with chunky petals. No one likes chunky petals...

I like to make another uneven line for the center of the flower. It would probably look just as well without it tho...I just always do for some reason...

Then put your center in. I like to use icing of lettering consistency with a #1 tip and dot it!

then outline one side of your leaf

Then brush inward and out toward the "tip" of the leaf

Then repeat on the other side. Draw a line down the middle of your leaf to mark the vein...

Then your pretty much done. You have made your brush embroidery flower. (Add dots if your dot crazy like me :) )

The same steps and principals can be applied to using brush embroidery to create all kinds of things...

Thanks Again Alison!

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